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Jim Poluikis

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Since Dec 20, 2017

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Name Jim Poluikis
Address 6211 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, Texas  75209
Phone 214-502-5994
Fax 214-353-2810
Work Role Automobile Dealer
Company Name Sewell Lexus Automobile Dealership
Category Honorary Members
Description Hi, my name is Jim Poluikis. I have been selling cars and trucks since 1978. I have lived and worked in Texas, mostly in Dallas, since 1983. Since then I have also raised three children here. I prefer to do business and deal in an up-front, honest, detailed, yet friendly and casual manner. It has worked well for my customers and me for over 34 years. My customers feel like they can call me with any automotive questions that they or their friends may have. Jim Poluikis is their “car guy”. Over the years I have watched their children grow up, and return to me for their own cars, vans, trucks or SUV’s. How did Jim Poluikis get into the automobile industry? I’m sure that my family and school friends are still wondering about this. Growing up, the sales profession was the last profession that I thought that I would enter. My background is in science, and my training was very technical. After I had finished with school, I realized at an early age that what most fascinated me in the world were people. I love helping people, and I found out right a way that I loved helping them find the perfect match in their search for a new or pre-owned vehicle. I still remember the first person that I helped at the first dealership that I worked at over 34 years ago. In 34 years, I have worked for three companies, and I came to Sewell in September of 1990. Please feel free to contact me with your questions or concerns. The dealership is open from 9:00am until 7:00pm M-S, and is closed on Sunday. We sell new Lexus vehicles, and most makes of clean, fresh, pre-owned cars, trucks, SUV’s, vans and crossovers. Regards, Jim Poluikis 214-353-2815 or jpoluikis@sewell.com New Car Sales As Jim Poluikis, your “car guy” at Sewell Lexus, I can help you choose among the many new models here at Sewell Lexus. If you’re not familiar with our models, here is today’s rundown: Our Models:
  • Sedans: We have the IS, ES, GS and LS
  • SUVs: RX, GX and LX
  • Hybrids: CT hybrid, ES hybrid, RX hybrid, GS hybrid and LS hybrid
  • Convertibles: ISC
  • Performance: ISf and LFA
Which one is for me? Many people are familiar with our vehicles, and they already know what they want. But, many others only dip their tow in the automotive water every 3-years, 5-years, or even longer. Either way, don’t be afraid to call me, Jim Poluikis, at Sewell Lexus, (214-353-2815) and let me help guide you through the choices and options. I happen to believe that while there are very important considerations such as price range, how it will be used, and how many miles driven, the chemistry should be there too. That is, I want you to LOVE your new Lexus, and I want you to LOVE the Sewell Lexus experience! Just to get started, let’s think about sedan versus SUV. For example, if you need more than five seatbelts, we have the GX and LX. If five seat belts are fine, but you still want the flexibility of an SUV, the RX is perfect. If a sedan is your style, are you thinking about a sporty ride, or is it all about luxury? The IS and GS offer Autobahn caliber handling, while the ES and LS will exceed your luxury car expectation! Lots of city and stop and go driving? How about one of our many hybrids (ask me why). And then there are those who want heart the pounding performance of the ISf and LFA, or the thrill of putting the top down on their ISC. Please call me, Jim Poluikis, at Sewell Lexus (214-353-2815) for any questions that you may have, or to arrange for a test drive. Pre-Owned Vehicles Just remember Jim Poluikis, your “Car Guy”, whenever you need any make or model in a pre-owned car, truck, van, SUV, or any other type of clean quality vehicle. Why Sewell Lexus for pre-owned vehicles? First of all, we are the largest pre-owned Lexus dealership in the world, since 2002 in fact. Our facility is at 6211 Lemmon Avenue, in the Love Field neighborhood of Dallas. If you would like to see it, just call me, Jim Poluikis, at (214) 353-2815, for directions. Once you see our spacious and modern dealership, you’ll understand how we are able to have hundreds of clean, fresh Lexus vehicles for you to look at! It’s truly an amazing experience, with many under $10,000 and $15,000, up to our latest pre-owned 2013 models, with just a few hundred, to a few thousand miles on them. Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles: Then there are our Certified Pre-Owned Lexus’s. Imagine purchasing a pre-owned vehicle that has been so thoroughly inspected and reconditioned, that it meets Lexus’s requirements to be a Certified Pre-Owned Lexus. You would receive a 3-year, 100,000 total miles on the vehicle, Certified Pre-Owned Lexus warranty, that is good nationwide, at any Lexus dealership! You can purchase a pre-owned vehicle with total confidence, knowing that you have protection from the manufacturer through their zero deductible warranty.  Please contact me, Jim Poluikis, for the details. Other Makes and Models: Why would you want to call me, Jim Poluikis, for makes and models other than Lexus? At Sewell Lexus, we receive “trade in’s” on our new and pre-owned vehicles, that are often makes and models other than Lexus. Other dealerships and individuals also contact us to purchase their high quality vehicles. The sheer size of our pre-owned service facility allows us to inspect these vehicles, and keep the ones that are of the caliber of vehicle that we sell here. Please remember that although we have a huge selection of high quality luxury vehicles, we are also a great place to find that gem for under $10,000! Leasing at Sewell Lexus Please call me, Jim Poluikis at (214) 353-2815, if you have any questions about leasing a vehicle for you or your business. If this is your first experience with leasing, or if you were never very familiar with it, I’ll try to answer a few of your questions. Leasing is a great way to use a vehicle for a fixed amount of time, and a fixed amount of miles. It's great for people that are comfortable that their driving needs will be stable during the term of the lease. As your “car guy”, Jim Poluikis, I always plan that you will make all of the payments contracted for in the lease, as early termination of a lease may be difficult or costly (although, sometimes with Lexus models, we are able to come out of a lease early without being "upside-down"). The lease payment is based on the term (the number of months), the sale price of the vehicle to the lease company (usually Lexus), what the lease company has determined that the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease ("residual value"), the interest rate ("money factor"), down payment ("capitalized cost reduction") if any, and any sales tax reduction entitled to the lease company  that may be passed on to you ("tax credits"). Because of the very high resale value of Lexus products, the residual values are high, lowering the lease payment for you. Please call me, Jim Poluikis, with any questions that you may have about leasing, and the availability of leasing specials that may be occurring for models that you are interested in. At signing, the first payment, and about $300 in fees, is all that is usually required. People will put additional money down to make the payment size more convenient, but it is certainly not necessary. And of course, you can still trade in the vehicle that you currently own.

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