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Bruce E. Washington

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Bruce E. Washington


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My architectural and construction/project management education and training started at Texas Tech University, where I earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree with an emphasis on structures.  I have experience serving as the architect and as a contractor with renovation, remodeling and additions of existing facilities.  I have developed broad and in-depth practical knowledge refined through years of hands-on experience as an architect in leading, executing and implementing:

  • Real estate due diligence assessments
  • Architecture design /build projects
  • Project performance assessment/risk mitigation
  • Construction loan/asset consulting
  • Property insurance claims investigation & presentation
  • Federal ADA & Texas accessibility assessments, design, and implementation

In providing clients with project and construction management, I have worked both as a team leader and participant organizing and assembling teams of architects/ engineers/ contractors/ financial personnel for projects ranging from 1,000 square feet lease spaces to a 650,000 square foot total renovations.  I have managed many clients’ insurance claims (e.g.: vandalism, fires, storm occurrences, etc).  In project and construction management, typically I supervise and evaluate the project planning and associated construction effort, budget, performance, and regulatory compliance.

Real estate due diligence services include property condition assessments (commercial, multi-family), accessibility assessments and environmental assessments for retail, commercial, offices, office/warehouse, industrial, and multi-family facilities.  Typically items included as a part of the property assessment report are: site/facility inspections, identification of critical and non-critical repairs/deferred maintenance concerns, development of the corrective repair and capital reserve escrow budgets, and oversight/inspections of on-going construction.  Performing due diligence assessments has given me a practical view of projects from schematic design through long-term construction performance, project management, risk mitigation, and financial return.

As an Architect working with my real estate investor clients, I have been involved with development, new construction, and rehabs of their existing commercial or residential facilities (single family or multi family) or sites.  My project services are comprehensive in nature and include site selection/zoning review, design studies, total facility renovations, exterior rehabs, space planning, and full project construction planning/ management/ performance review consulting.

Design/Build Project Management- Project concept, design, planning, finance, review, collaboration, control, modification, and coordination including:

  • Objective setting
  • Requirements / regulatory compliance assessment
  • Resource defining and identifying
  • Risk mitigation
  • LEED / Green certification / impact
  • Best practices development
  • Time lines / milestones consultation
  • Financial / budget planning
  • Bid/negotiation process consultation
  • Site/Facility inspection
  • Architectural, engineering, and construction teams assembly
  • Construction plans/specifications consultation
  • Oversight
  • Issue identification / resolution
  • Reporting

Construction Asset Management – Draw Requests for Lenders, Owners & Asset Managers:

  • Review Payment Applications and associated issues (Change Orders/Construction Schedule/On & Off-site materials storage, Inspection & Testing, Budget Contingency)
  • Attend Payment Application meetings
  • Perform on-site inspections (Issue identification / resolution)
  • Oversight
  • Reporting

Construction Loan Consulting – Evaluate project and coordination between borrower’s and lender’s 3rd party lawyers, in-house originators, underwriters, asset managers, and closers concerning:

  • Architectural/Engineering (plans-specifications)
  • Project budgets and or contractor estimates
  • Performance and Bonding Issues
  • Contractors
  • Project Contractor Contracts
  • Issue identification / resolution

Bank REO Management – Review, Evaluation, and Coordination

  • Acquisition/Disposition Due Diligence (facility/environmental/accessibility assessments)
  • Capital and Deferred Maintenance Budgets
  • Create and implement construction corrective action plans
  • Performance
  • Risk Mitigation

Real Estate Due Diligence – Preliminary & Comprehensive Assessments (Landlord & Tenant Advocate)

  • Facility Condition Assessments– (roofing, mechanical, electrical & plumbing)
  • ADA Accessibility Assessments
  • Environmental Assessments<
  • Green certification & performance

Project Liaison
Managing conflicting goals between owners, tenants, governmental officials, grant organizations, lenders, participating funding representatives, design teams, and others.

Multi-family, elder housing, assisted living, commercial & industrial buildings (new / renovation / rehabilitation), and interior finish out.

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