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5/8/18: Social Security Info

5/8/18: Social Security Info

 Fred Badyna, with some assistance from George Ferrin, covered the basics of Social Security and Medicare. Medicare is easily explained as thus: Age 65 is when Part A coverage for hospital stays begins. To obtain coverage for non-hospital expenses, one must sign-up for coverage B. If you want coverage for prescription drugs, you need part D, which requires that you have part B. Of course, you can get A and B by selecting C, a Medicare advantage plan, but you’ll be restricted to network providers. You’ll pay a premium for B, C and/or D. 

For Social Security avoid these 4 mistakes: 1. Not working for 35 full years. 2. Not waiting until full retirement age. 3. Not fighting for raises. 4. Not correcting errors on your earnings record. 

The best solution for knowing what to do? Contact Fred, he’s the expert and he can effectively guide you through it. 

What’s with the FedEx logo? AWARENESS! 

May 8 2018.Exchange

5/01/18: Addison Coffee Roasters

5/01/18: Addison Coffee Roasters

 When’s the last time you had a good ole cup of Folgers coffee? Richard Duncan from Addison Coffee Roasters reminded us of the transformation that has occurred in the world of coffee from the days of our parents’ percolator. Richard has been roasting coffee beans for over 30 years in order to provide his clients with the freshest varieties of coffee. He explained the coffee production process, from the tree to the table. Freshly roasted beans, filtered water and water temperature are critical components of a great cup of coffee. So, if the best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup, you may want to visit Addison Coffee Roasters. 

May 1 2018.Exchange

4/17/18: Oops, No Speaker

4/17/18: Oops, No Speaker

 Presumably, the Water Conservation speaker that did not show would have encouraged us to save water. To “save” our meeting, each member was provided the opportunity to share something about their business. Can you match the member with their comment? 

Lynn Hood One time close on a new residential construction loan 

Karen Allen 100% waterproof wood simulated vinyl floors 

Herb Ziev Make sure you have a Will that is properly executed 

Joe Kboudi Deferred 

Darrell Blank Fuel economy and safety features 

Steve Meleleu Same old same old. Life is good. 

Robin Hamm No more peanuts after July 

Bob Nienstadt Inundated with remodels 

Fred Badyna Eye world doing fine 

Jim Poluikis Not the best time to be a first-time home buyer 

Michelle Kubitz Cape Horn trip 

Guy Smith Most chemicals are no longer poisons 

Cassie Bledsoe Banking 

April 17 2018.Exchange

04/10/18: Deep Cuts Butcher Shop

04/10/18: Deep Cuts Butcher Shop

 Nate Abeyta from Deep Cuts butcher shop was our guest speaker. Nate owns Deep Cuts Dallas Butcher Shop and explained his passion for providing superior cuts of meat to his clients, AND HE BROUGHT SAMPLES! Nate makes his own sausage and smokes various cuts of meat. His shop is located at Coit and Belt Line roads and he offers a special “Hot Sandwich” each day of the week. His favorite is cross cut short ribs and he primarily features Texas raised products. If he doesn’t have it, he can get it. So, if you want the best, go to Deep Cuts. 

Read the full Exchange here: April 10 2018.Exchange

04/03/18: Computer Security

04/03/18: Computer Security

 Daniel Scurlock of Scurlock Systems advised as to current happenings in the world of computer security. In light of the recent Facebook security issues he advises that all Facebook users download a copy of their Facebook data file, which will indicate what information Facebook has compiled about you. Other recommendations included: Malware Bytes as an antivirus program; Online backups such as Carbonite and Crashplan; For phone protection – Lookout; For password retention – LastPass; To stop pop up ads – U Block Origin. With over 30 years’ experience in IT, Daniel has experienced most security issues and knows what it takes to best avoid them. 

 April 3 2018.Exchange

03/27/18: Customer Service

03/27/18: Customer Service

How do we make sure that we stay “Top of Mind” with our customers,

prospects and referral sources? According to Lynn Barrett it starts with a

plan and building relationships. Lynn is a business/marketing coach who

works with clients in targeting, developing, and maintaining strong

professional relationships with prospects, clients, and referral sources.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Outreach through

technology and social media must be part of any business plan, but

nothing replaces personal relationships. Relationship building is the

foundation for business success and longevity.

March 27 2018.Exchange

03/20/18: Termites & More

03/20/18: Termites & More

Everything you wanted to know about termites while eating breakfast!  Our pest control expert, Bob Nienstadt, advised that termite season is rapidly approaching and the termite swarmers will soon be appearing. Termites eat wood and the wood in a home is a prime target.  They will find a way.  The best deterrents are chemicals and the best person to apply them is a pest control expert.  Hey, that’s Bob.

Bob’s company also provides a lawn weed and feed service.  It is still too early to fertilize, so wait and let Bob take care of it at the correct time. 

2018-03-20 Exchange

03/13/18: Who was St. Patrick?

03/13/18: Who was St. Patrick?

So what is St. Patrick’s Day all about? Dr. Karen Allen shared the results of her

research concerning this day that has become a major day of celebration. Saint Patrick

was a fifth‐century Romano‐British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as

the “Apostle of Ireland”, he is the primary patron saint of Ireland, although he technically

was never officially canonized as a Saint. Several legends are attributed to St. Patrick

including: (1) Saint Patrick teaching the Irish about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by

showing people the shamrock, a three‐leafed plant, using it to illustrate the Christian

teaching of three persons in one God and (2) Banishing all snakes in Ireland by chasing

them into the sea after they attacked him during a 40‐day fast he was undertaking on

top of a hill. No matter who or what he was, we now have a special day that encourages

drinking a lot of green beer.

March 13 2018.Exchange

03/6/18: Tackling Email Clutter

03/6/18: Tackling Email Clutter

Elaine Kollaja is all about organization, efficiency and decreasing clutter.

One of the main sources of lost efficiency and clutter is email.

Approximately 95% of received emails are not wanted. To eliminate these

unwanted emails Elaine recommends unsubscribing or setting filters that

will automatically send them to junk mail or spam. You can also use filters

to automatically sort certain emails into folders, for viewing at a later

time. If its not important, delete it. If it is too difficult or time consuming,

then contact Elaine for assistance in reclaiming your valuable time.

March 6 2018.Exchange

02/27/18: Social Media for Business

02/27/18: Social Media for Business

How do you achieve marketing success utilizing social media? Jessica Robinson

of “anti-social Media” provided 5 tips for being successful: 1. Decide which

platform to use (most use Facebook); 2. Build Authenticity (Get verified); 3. Be

active – post often; 4. Give the platform what it wants -ie: Video; and 5. Include

Ads – The number One way to Grow your Reach on Facebook.

2018-02-27 Exchange

02/13/18: Tax Changes

02/13/18: Tax Changes

Bob Sheeley just got a raise thanks to the new revisions to the tax code.

Bob invited DBA to his office for Tuesday’s meeting and then hit the highlights

of the new tax reform act. This is the first significant reform of the U.S. tax

code since 1986 and most of the changes are temporary – expiring in 2025. Will

the reforms result in lower taxes for you? Who knows? Bob explained that no

one will know for sure until they begin preparing their 2018 return. One thing

is for sure, CPA’s will be spending a lot of time learning the new code

provisions and in preparing returns.

February 13 2018.Exchange

02/06/18: Caliente-Color of the Year

02/06/18: Caliente-Color of the Year

 The most powerful tool in interior decorating is color and DBA’s Interior Designer, Lynn Hood, introduced us (via PowerPoint, no less) to this year’s color of the year, Caliente (as per Benjamin Moore). Color can change emotions and provides the greatest bang for the buck when redesigning an interior. For 2018 the trend is darker (see Caliente) with more expressive colors. Always be cognizant that lighting will affect color. When considering a color change, let Lynn show you how to have fun with color. 

2018-02-06 exchange

01/30/18: Guest Speaker

01/30/18: Guest Speaker

 Our guest speaker, Guy Hatcher (what a great first name!), CFP, CEO of CoVergence Group, a Southlake-based consulting firm, described himself as being passionate about helping people find out what “next” is. As we draw close to retirement our primary concerns are: “Will I have enough and can I remain independent?” With over 25 years of experience in assisting families in planning for their future Guy has developed a roadmap for building a life and legacy. It is not just about financial assets. It includes having a clear vision and the power of a “blessing”. Check out his website: GUYHATCHER.com for more information. 

Also, Lynn Hood shared the resume of her neighbor, Barbara Templin, who is looking for an administrative assistant position.  See the resume link below.

Barbara Templin Resume

2018-01-30 Exchange

01/23/18: DBA’s New Website

01/23/18: DBA’s New Website

DBA’s new website is operational. Many thanks to Elaine Kollaja for her efforts in assisting the

web designer with this project. The new site includes mobile optimization and calendar

features. Everyone is encouraged to view the new site and provide any feedback to Elaine

concerning the site. Each member should review their profile and notify Elaine of any changes or corrections.

January 23 2018.Exchange

1/16/18: Sailing In 19 Degrees

1/16/18: Sailing In 19 Degrees

 When it is 19 degrees with a wind chill factor of 6 degrees it is the perfect time to talk about sailing the Bahamas and the Greek Isles. Our member, Steve Meleleu, reviewed several of his experiences sailing the high seas. Steve has been a crewmember on numerous sailing excursions and sails his own 33’ sailboat on Lake Texoma. Steve also reviewed various nautical terms. Be mindful of the Admiral on a sailboat – it is not who you might originally think.

2018-01-16 Exchange

1/9/18: Hello From Around The World

1/9/18: Hello From Around The World

Greetings from around the world were delivered by Kelly Brookbank and Dr. Karen Allen. They demonstrated and explained the greetings and New Year’s customs followed by different nationalities. Middle Eastern peoples warmly greet each other, but only if of the same sex. The handshake is a common greeting in the America’s, while a bow is utilized as part of a Japanese greeting. The Chinese give $ in red envelopes to children as part of their New Year’s custom. In Australia be sure to say, “Good Day, Mate” if you want a return look of disgust. Whenever traveling abroad, it is best to know the local customs if you want to avoid the “typical” American treatment. 

January 9 2018 Exchange

12/19/17: Happy Holidays!

12/19/17: Happy Holidays!

 No Tuesday meeting until next year. Our first meeting of 2018 will be Tuesday January 9, 2018 and the 2 K’s, Karen and Kelly will be our presenters.. 

CONGRATULATIONS!? Our newly elected Board Officers and Committee Chairs are: 

President: Michelle Kubitz; Vice President: Dr. Karen Allen 

Sec/Treas: Joe Kboudi; Membership: Cassie Bledsoe; 

Leads/Attendence: Herb Ziev; and Social: Kelly Brookbank 

2017-12-19 Exchange

Program Notes: November 7, 2017

Program Notes: November 7, 2017

So how do you make a discussion concerning floor coverings interesting? Let Joe Kboudi of Smithco Flooring lead the discussion. Joe discussed the recent trends in floor coverings and provided samples for viewing and touching. “If it goes on a floor, we can do it,” says Joe. Wood flooring is still the most popular and 80-90 percent of wood flooring is engineered. Adhesive backed “wood” vinyl planks are becoming popular as they can be easily replaced if damaged. Likewise, with commercial carpet, carpet tiles make repairing damaged carpet an easy fix. Joe makes sure every job is done right and utilizes installers that are experienced and conscientious, even about reinstalling a spice rack. If you want knowledge, experiences, and supreme customer service, contact Joe.

Program Notes: October 24, 2017

Program Notes: October 24, 2017

Criminal attorney, Joey Mongaras, provided information concerning what to expect when stopped by the police. It depends! Why were you stopped? An encounter with an officer is just that – it doesn’t require any response or action. However, a detention (which is based on the officer’s reasonable suspension of criminal activity) may result in an arrest or citation. The best response is polite cooperation without volunteering anything that may be incriminating. Texas has only 2 criminal offenses that do not permit an arrest: speeding and open container. Best policy: Don’t do anything that provides a basis for reasonable suspicion.

Program Notes: October 10, 2017

Program Notes: October 10, 2017

Members shared about their business:

  • Lynn Hood: An interior freshen up may be what is needed for the holidays
  • Bob Sheeley: October 16th is 2016 tax deadline (except disaster counties)
  • Darrell Blank: Don’t wait until 2 weeks before Christmas to ship
  • Guy Smith: Currently litigating several trust document disputes
  • Joe Kboudi: Vinyl Planks are popular
  • Jim Poluikis: Flooded cars that weren’t insured won’t reflect as being totaled
  • Elaine Kollaja: Working on developing a DBA theme
  • Steve Meleleu: Premiums will be increasing due to recent disasters
  • Daniel Boor: His recent experiences in servicing the flood area was both heartbreaking and uplifting

Meeting Information

DBA meets every Tuesday at 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. for networking, breakfast, and a brief presentation. Regular meeting location:  Café de France, 17370 Preston Road (just north of Campbell Road) Dallas, 75252. View Map

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