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6/26/18: Member Roundtable

6/26/18: Member Roundtable

Fred Badyna, our Vice President in charge of speakers advises:
Beginning in August, you have the opportunity to declare when you would like to
promote your business to the members. You can choose the regular presentation at
our meeting, or you can have an offsite to your place of business. Please let me know if
you have a date in mind, otherwise I will be harassing you to no end. Also, Dr Allen
lined up some very informative programs for us, which we thank her for doing such a
good job, so if you have someone in mind, I would greatly appreciate your referral to
me. Let us be your walking talking billboards for your business, so tell us how best to
promote you.
Steve Meleleu of SMA Insurance Services has requested that Marcia
Meleleu be the DBA representative with Steve serving as the alternate.
This request was approved by the DBA Board.

June 26 2018.Exchange

Meeting Information

DBA meets every Tuesday at 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. for networking, breakfast, and a brief presentation. Meeting location:  Until further notice our weekly meeting is held virtually via Zoom If you would like to be a part of these meetings as our guest, please contact Lynn Hood, ljhood5500@att.net or 972-743-4008

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