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5/8/18: Social Security Info

5/8/18: Social Security Info

 Fred Badyna, with some assistance from George Ferrin, covered the basics of Social Security and Medicare. Medicare is easily explained as thus: Age 65 is when Part A coverage for hospital stays begins. To obtain coverage for non-hospital expenses, one must sign-up for coverage B. If you want coverage for prescription drugs, you need part D, which requires that you have part B. Of course, you can get A and B by selecting C, a Medicare advantage plan, but you’ll be restricted to network providers. You’ll pay a premium for B, C and/or D. 

For Social Security avoid these 4 mistakes: 1. Not working for 35 full years. 2. Not waiting until full retirement age. 3. Not fighting for raises. 4. Not correcting errors on your earnings record. 

The best solution for knowing what to do? Contact Fred, he’s the expert and he can effectively guide you through it. 

What’s with the FedEx logo? AWARENESS! 

May 8 2018.Exchange

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