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DBA's Weekly Publication:

September 20, 2016

Program Notes:
If you are at least 62 years of age and have significant equity in your home, a process for accessing that equity without incurring note payments is a “reverse mortgage”. Herb Ziev is the master of the reverse mortgage and explained the priocess at Tuesday’s meeting.

Basically, depending on one’s age and the equity value in one’s home (and the home’s value) a lender will lend a percentage of the home’s value to the owners. As long as the owners live in the home, pay the taxes and insurance, and maintain the property, the loan is not repaid. If these contingencies are not met, or upon the death of the owners, the loan is then required to be paid. The loan is non-recourse and the proceeds are not taxable. If this sounds like you are someone you know, contact Herb..

August 30, 2016

Program Notes:
Lucinda Ruch enjoys setting up small-medium business owners on LinkedIn and helping them grow their business in a very state of the art progressive way. She provides consulting & training services, specializing in business improvement and LinkedIn. Her focus is on how LinkedIn can improve your business throughout your business and not just marketing and sales. LinkedIn is a free website and billboard and Lucinda can assist in maximizing its effectiveness for your business.


August 16, 2016

Program Notes:
Shontaye Hawkins, author of: Profit is the New Black – Big Money Strategies for Entrepreneurs, spoke about eliminating money leaks and income barriers in a business. Consistent action is required to make money and one must be intentional in their business to take it to the next level.

She recommends eliminating services you aren’t using and negotiating with vendors for a better price:

August 2, 2016

Program Notes:
Our very own David Thompson provided Tuesday’s program. David’s company, Proforma Impact Graphics, provides promotional products to businesses to assist in marketing , without paying a fee to a consultant.

David works with customers to integrate promotional products as part of an overall marketing program. Sixty-eight percent of customers leave a business due to perceived indifference. So, don’t be indifferent about marketing and contact David for a professional evaluation of your marketing needs and requirements. SEE DAVID ON YouTube:

June 19, 2016

Program Notes:
“How much cow dung does it take to spoil a bowl of ice cream?” Daren Martin posed this question as it relates to poorly performing employees and their effect on co-workers. Daren is a business coach and consultant. He identifies 3 company killers: 1. Boredom, 2. Poison/low performers, and 3. Friction. He says that only 29% of employees are fully engaged in their work. Daren has written several books concerning these subjects and is available to assist any business owner to become more successful.

June 12, 2016

Program Notes:
Business and executive coach, Jason Treu exorts to “choose courage over comfort.” Jason assists leaders in solving problems by encouraging them to be extraordinary. He identifies what causes someone to be “stuck” in their business/personal life and provides a path for recovery. “You have to recognize your blind spot’ says Jason. A leader is daring and courageous and not afraid of being vulnerable.

June 7, 2016

Program Notes:
Phillip Thomas shared his experiences from over 46 years as a photographer. He specializes in time lapse and aerial photography. Phillip says: “Science precedes art” and he demonstrated through photography the evolution of photo technology. He was a pioneer in shooting Imax film and is currently utilizing drones for filming aerial shots. One of his intriguing assignments was a Rolling Stones concert in Fort worth.

May 24, 2016

Program Notes:

Does your business maximize Google Places? Jon Kendall, President of Osky Blue, explained the importance of Google Places and how to maximize its effectiveness with little or no cost. Google Places is the information that a search engine receives and uses when listing your business. The top 5 businesses listed on Google’s first page receive 50% of the contacts. Jon’s company is a SEO and online marketing company that assists businesses in maximizing their investment in online marketing to help them get found, get known, and get business. Contact Jon,, to walk through the process of maximizing your Google Places.

This Tuesday's Program
Philip Thomas is a professional photographer and videographer and he will be speaking about tips for doing photography.

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Events and Meeting at a Glance 

This Tuesday's Speaker: [September 20, 2016]
Fred Badyna, ARMOR Wealth Management

Thanks to Lynn and Steve for arranging a wonderful social.
A good time was had by all and the last to leave scored some extra wine.

DBA extends its sympathy to the family of former member and past president, Richard McMullen, who passed away on Wednesday. Services are at 3PM, August 1st, Prestonwood Baptist Church. now lists all DBA meetings through the end of the year. 
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Each week DBA members voluntarily report the number of leads that they have received from other members and the number of leads given to fellow members.  Additionally, DBA members voluntarily report the dollar amount of business given and received between members.

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