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DBA's Weekly Publication:

December 13, 2016

Program Notes:
Job Hiccups! Bruce Washington and Lynn Hood are working together on several home renovations and they shared their methods for avoiding the hiccups. It starts with building trust through communication. A proper expectation must be set and respect for the client and the project must be exhibited. THERE WILL BE NO DIRTY JOBSITE ON THEIR PROJECTS. This indicates respect for the client and their home. As long as there is straightforward communication and respect, you can avoid the hiccups.

November 29, 2016

Program Notes:
Arun Kumar was forced to learn the basics of marketing when his largest client canceled its business with his company. He quickly learned that marketing was about numbers and that no one will do business with you until they know who you are. His ABC’s of marketing – Attract, Engage, and Connect result in attracting others who will want to do business with you. Contact Arun at: for information on his services.

November 08, 2016

Program Notes:
Want a previously owned Lexus that would potentially come with a 10 year, unlimited mileage warranty? Then see Jim Poluikis at Sewell Lexus. Jim advised that in 2016, Lexus began a program that permits the buyer of a L/Certified previuosly owned Lexus (that already comes with a 2 year warranty) to purchase an additional up to 5 year warranty, that does not contain any mileage limitations. Lexus “invented” the certified, pre-owned car concept and utilizes over 161 checks in determinig whether a pre-owned vehicle qualifies as what is now known as “L Certified”

November 01, 2016

Program Notes:
“Junk Mail Wars - The Saga Continues”. Elaine Kollaja explained that the average American receives 41 lbs. of junk mail per year. “That’s a lot of trees!” Elaine has discovered how to fight back and provided a hand-out (see attached) with resources for eliminating unwanted mail. However, don’t try determining how to block political and charitable mailings – they are exempt.

October  18, 2016

Program Notes:
“Quality care for you pampered pooch.”- The mission statement of Kelly’s Pooch Hotel. Kelly Brookbank has seen her business more than double since opening in 2014. She started her business after growing tired of having to leave her dogs in the care of others when she was away. She treats every “customer” as her own, providing stimulation via walks and socializing with other dogs. She provides nutritional food, as she makes her dog food and snacks. If your dog is not going to the Pooch Hotel, it and you are missing “quality care”.

October  11, 2016

Program Notes:
QUICK HITS FROM MEMBERS CONCERNING THE STATUS OF BUSINESS : “About where expected.” “Last quarter of the year is the busiest.” “Things are changing.” “Ship at least 2 weeks prior to 12/25/16.” “Better year, than last.” “Transition to a new company has been good.” “Busier than ever.” So, who said what?.


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Established in 1973, the DBA is Dallas’ prestigious business networking association, representing outstanding business organizations.

Our longevity is attributed to the professionalism of our members and their commitment to each other.  DBA’s value is evidenced by the fact that many of our members have been faithfully attending for in excess of 15 years.  Building relationships and assisting others in growing their businesses is the key to our continuing success.

Learn more about our objectives, get to know our highly respected members, and tap into our dynamic business resource.  Please visit our Membership section for additional information.



Events and Meeting at a Glance 

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Our First 2017 Meeting
Our first meeting of 2017 will be a field trip!  
We are meeting at Cassie Bledsoe’s office.  We will meet there at 7:30AM. 
Dave Perry Miller Realty, 5950 Berkshire Ln, Suite 100, Dallas

Congratulations to our new Board Members: Robin Hamm, Bruce Washington, and Jim Poluikis now lists all DBA meetings through the end of the year. 
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Each week DBA members voluntarily report the number of leads that they have received from other members and the number of leads given to fellow members.  Additionally, DBA members voluntarily report the dollar amount of business given and received between members.

Lead Given:  12
Lead Received: 14
Amount Given: $121,010
Amount Received: $20,630





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