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February 14, 2017

Program Notes:
Tuesday’s meeting was a rainy Happy Valentine’s Day field trip to Robert Sheeley’s office. Bob provided roses to the attendees, while updating the group on income tax changes in 2016 and proposed tax changes for 2017. The Trump administration is vowing to make significant changes to the Federal Income Tax Code, which has not seen a major overhaul in 30 years. The main proposal is to create 3 tax rates of 12%, 25%, and 33%. So, we must wait and see if tax planning for 2017 changes. In addition to CPA services, Bob’s cohort, Allen Fischer, is offering off site HR services to employers. 

January 31, 2017

Program Notes:
The Cranky Concierge, Kevin Roberts, made a return visit and navigated us through the complicated world of airline products and pricing. Consumers can select from: Low Cost, Ultra Low Cost, Basic Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class and The Residence. Basically, Ultra Low Cost gets you a ticket, nothing more. Carriers are now charging extra for baggage, preferred seating, snacks, oxygen, etc. However, if you want a butler and private room and bath, it is available for around $70,000. Kevin recommends booking direct with an airline, rather than through an online booking service. 

January 24, 2017

Program Notes:
Allen Fischer, CPA, set things straight about our National Debt: “Idle money is the national debt”, so it, and not the total amount of the national debt, is what should be of concern. It is the “scare mongering press” that creates the panic about the national debt. The purpose of the IRS is to control, not to collect money. There is only so much actual currency and when it is not flowing, there is cause for concern. So, cash in those piggy banks and penny jars and let’s make this country great again!. 


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Established in 1973, the DBA is Dallas’ prestigious business networking association, representing outstanding business organizations.

Our longevity is attributed to the professionalism of our members and their commitment to each other.  DBA’s value is evidenced by the fact that many of our members have been faithfully attending for in excess of 15 years.  Building relationships and assisting others in growing their businesses is the key to our continuing success.

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Each week DBA members voluntarily report the number of leads that they have received from other members and the number of leads given to fellow members.  Additionally, DBA members voluntarily report the dollar amount of business given and received between members.

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